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Living in the mist

We have all had days, weeks, months or may be years when everything passes by , you are living, but it doesn’t feel like living. The mist somehow takes over and the ambiguity of your own thoughts gets too difficult… Continue Reading →

Being strong doesn’t mean not speaking when it hurts. 

Please talk, speak it out, I beg of you. Whatever it is, however stupid you think it is, however foggy it seems, even if you don’t make sense to even yourself, say it. You don’t always have to make sense,… Continue Reading →


A few weekends ago I went for a trekking trip to Kothaligad, near Mumbai. For the night, we stopped at a very small village called Peth. The village was pretty underdeveloped, it didn’t even have washrooms and proper water supply…. Continue Reading →

Cat Person

Cats, I believe are more like an adult human. Moody, selective, suspicious and always in search of comfort. Dogs on the other hand are more like human infants. Happy, loving and trusting. And may be this is the reason, why… Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas :)

This Christmas, I spent my day drawing, colouring and being with myself and well as you can say, I have never been good at drawing, in fact me and my best friend would trade work as kids, she would draw… Continue Reading →

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