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Hi 2016, How do you feel? I know all these memes would hurt, they are mean. I guess you cannot feel much of a difference because by now you should know that almost all years are treated this way, well… Continue Reading →

And then you are there, walking down your street singing your favourite song…

One morning you wake up and don’t feel gloomy as much as you did. You surprise yourself because may be all you knew was how sad or empty you felt, but then today seemed different. You look at the sunlight… Continue Reading →

Being in the dark isn’t a choice, finding the path back to light is.

You have been through pain. You had those times when all you wanted to do was scream and shout and hurt the cause of the pain. But you didn’t. You have gone through so many things in life that they… Continue Reading →

The untouched childhood!

I bought these books for my cousin last week. Didn’t touch them for the whole week, but when I gave these to her today, I felt like reading them. Even though I have known these stories since I was a… Continue Reading →


So I wrote this piece long back, posted it on my personal Instagram account and deleted it some time later. Why? I am not so sure. Here I am writing it again because I have some more and may be… Continue Reading →

Is it just a Sunset?

So the other day, me and my friend were sitting at the river side and she asked me why do people love sunsets more than sunrises? She told me how good it feels watching a sunset and she wonders why…… Continue Reading →

Universe’s Long Distance Relationship that works…

There have been a lot of stories crafted around the sun and the moon and as to why the moon has the dark spots and why are these two heavenly bodies so apart… Maybe all that has been said or… Continue Reading →

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