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Don’t we all hope, that amongst everything that is changing in our lives everyday, at least the people in it remain the same.

December 2017 has been a busy and stressful month, mostly because of work also a lot of retrospection, of the year 2017, of the 22 years of my life. What has struck me the most are that I have come… Continue Reading →

May be life is all about giving yourself the liberty to be scared, to be doubtful and to be a little, a little stressed.

We are all in this world trying to figure out what life is and trying to get the best out of it in the manner we seem the best. Some hold on to things tightly, some to people and some… Continue Reading →


After wasting two hours trying to untangle a chain, I realised all I was trying for two hours to escape. Escape from the task I was at, escape from the current state I was, from the fact that things will… Continue Reading →


I do not agree with the old saying that time heals everything. In fact time worsens a lot of things. What time heals is wounds but what it worsens is a disease. A wound however deep would heal over time…. Continue Reading →

Thanks, but no thanks. 

Since the minute I saw all the ‘Happy Women’s day’ messages and wishes, I had this recurring though in my mind, do I actually need a DAY to be celebrated that I am a woman? Does this celebration actually makes me… Continue Reading →


Art. I think art is more than just a word, sometimes it’s feeling and sometimes it’s the whole world in it. There’s no perfect definition of art, it’s more of what comes from within. There’s this feeling of settling or a… Continue Reading →

Normal won’t be possible today.

Some days it’s just plain hard to be normal. There’s no apparent reason that comes to your mind but it’s feels as if the weight of the world has been laid on your shoulders and all you want to do… Continue Reading →

Ved or Tara, Tamasha!

The movie Tamasha came out last year and received a lot of mixed reviews from people. Those who liked it claim that people who say the movie is no good, fail to understand the meaning of the movie. Well that… Continue Reading →

You cannot forget hurricanes!

You remember your friend who you used to go to school when you were in kindergarten, you remember the boy/girl you had a crush on when you were six, you remember the teacher who helped you solve a math problem… Continue Reading →

Resolutions 2017

Happy New Year people! As soon as we wish that or think of 1 January, there is this word that comes to our mind: Resolutions. We make them every year, some year a few and some year a lot of… Continue Reading →

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