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“If you catch yourself digging a hole, stop digging”

Everyone needs money, and no one likes being in the circle pay-check, bills and taxes. Have you ever wondered that as soon as your income increases, your expenses magically increase too? Have you thought you’ll start saving now, but at… Continue Reading →

“Sandy searched frantically…”

Have you ever wondered where all the things that get lost go?I picked this book because the title amused me and I had already heard a lot of praises for Cecilia Ahern.The theme of the story is so unlike the… Continue Reading →

Predictably Irrational

When I was in 10th Std, I wanted to be a psychiatrist. Later I realised that I will have to study for nine years before I could be one, provided that I spend those nine years studying and studying and… Continue Reading →

“I will make him an offer, he cannot refuse”

The Godfather is the first Mario Puzo book I have read. It’s not easy to describe a mafia world in a way where the reader has no option but to continue reading. Mario Puzo’s writing is simple class apart. The… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Louisa May Alcott!

This is such a touching tribute to a writer. So today is Louisa May Allcot’s 184th Birthday and google doodler draws this perfect doodle, depicting her book ‘Little Women’. ‘Little Women’ is a semi-autobiography of Louisa May Alcott and has… Continue Reading →

“For you a thousand times over.”

Being an avid reader I have read a lot of books, however “The Kite Runner” has a special place. This is because of the sensitive theme the book covers. I have read this book more than twice. Every single time… Continue Reading →

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