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A little recreation 

A few days ago I suddenly remembered how once in sixth grade we were asked to write an autobiography of a cycle. Funny na? I remembered how much my teacher and classmates like that simple story of a cycle. As… Continue Reading →


I do not agree with the old saying that time heals everything. In fact time worsens a lot of things. What time heals is wounds but what it worsens is a disease. A wound however deep would heal over time…. Continue Reading →

Thanks, but no thanks. 

Since the minute I saw all the ‘Happy Women’s day’ messages and wishes, I had this recurring though in my mind, do I actually need a DAY to be celebrated that I am a woman? Does this celebration actually makes me… Continue Reading →

“A thousand girls would kill for this job”

Some books are simply better without a sequel, not because the writer cannot meet the expectations, but because the story has been written so well the first time and has been etched perfectly in the mind of the reader, that… Continue Reading →

“Laters, baby”

True Story: I bought these books from a book fair and had no idea that these books are actually erotic ones.Another truth, once I started reading it, I just wanted to know how the story of these two people, Christian… Continue Reading →


Art. I think art is more than just a word, sometimes it’s feeling and sometimes it’s the whole world in it. There’s no perfect definition of art, it’s more of what comes from within. There’s this feeling of settling or a… Continue Reading →

Mahabharata is about Empathy

A lot of us have a habit of reading random things. These random things impact our perspective in both tiny and huge ways, whether we realize that or not is all together a different arena. I came across an article… Continue Reading →

There are a certain books which provoke your emotions and leave you with a storm that you deal with the rest of your life. They say that there are a few stories you read never leave you, this story is… Continue Reading →

Normal won’t be possible today.

Some days it’s just plain hard to be normal. There’s no apparent reason that comes to your mind but it’s feels as if the weight of the world has been laid on your shoulders and all you want to do… Continue Reading →

Ved or Tara, Tamasha!

The movie Tamasha came out last year and received a lot of mixed reviews from people. Those who liked it claim that people who say the movie is no good, fail to understand the meaning of the movie. Well that… Continue Reading →

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