I started reading Harry Potter series when I was 19, after I gave my CFA Level 1 exam and when I started my last year of graduation. I definitely didn’t think that the series is for kids or not for adults, I just started reading it because I thought I was missing out on something incredible which the world has been appreciating for years and went to the library and borrowed the first book, “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone”.

After reading the first part, I just continuously kept on borrowing the next parts till I finished the last part, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” and then I watched all the eight parts of the movies. Not only did Harry Potter series made the most amazing distraction for me while I was going through a bad break up but also gave me a fascinating world which will always help me find strength in difficult times just like the characters always found strength in themselves when faced with difficult choices.

When people say Harry Potter is for children, I believe, either they have never watched or read the series or they never really understood the series in the real sense. Even though the series was originally written for children or is still classified as children’s book, the series is about choice, about keeping your ground when you have all the fair reasons to take the easier way, the series is about misuse of power, it is about racism, classicism and power of money, its about depression and mental health, its about so many things . The crux of the series is CHOICE. The choices each of the character makes and how it changes the whole story. The people who say the series is for kids, definitely fail to see the bigger picture.

The series proves that you don’t win at life because of some magic, but because of your hard work, determination, will, wisdom, wit and perseverance. While the main ploy of the series is about a magical world, but the books are just a mirror of the real world, except for the people in that world have magic powers who have to deal with people who have magical powers too, most of them even better powers than you. It’s about the struggle of choice, decision and of staying at the right path.

An eleven year old kid makes a choice to trust a huge stranger telling him about a world with magic, about his true identity and accepting his identity even though he is really scared, even for a minute this kid does not chose to back out. He chose a house of bravery rather than a house of fame, he chose to fight someone who scares whole of his world. He chose to give himself up to save the whole world which changes the whole scene.

The Weasleys make a choice of staying true to their believes rather than taking advantage of their blood status or choosing money over their ethics, they make a choice when they decide to go against the most powerful wizard even though they can easily go to his side and stay safe. Hermione Granger makes a choice of choosing to stay true to herself, to be friends with Ron and Harry and not to succumb to social pressures and not change herself. Neville Longbottom who choose to show up and stay strong every single day no matter how many times he is bullied, who chose to stay on the right side even after the history he has. Albus Dumbeldore who has great magical powers and who once made a choice to go wrong, make the difficult choice of going to the right side and always staying there no matter what. It is about choice James, Lily, Remus and Sirius make, about the choices Snape makes and about the choices Peter Pettigrew makes. The choice Professor Mcgonagall makes.

It is about choice Tom Riddle, makes to turn into Lord Voldemort, makes to turn into evil, to not believe in love and never let people be close to him, and chooses to destroy everyone and everything that doesn’t agree to him and loses all of his life just to die, even earlier than he would have died in a natural way.

Its about the choice the Malfoys make for wealth and power, and then during the end that changes their fate, to be brave and no longer stay at Voldemort’s side. Every single character you pick from the whole series and there is something you learn, no matter how small role the character has, he or she has something to show.

Harry Potter series, like every other book is how you perceive it and even though one might choose to perceive it as a children’s book, I will always choose to perceive these series as much more than that, a book out choices and a book about so many things I can never do justice by writing about.

Harry Potter series goes so deep that it has been proven by study that people who read Harry Potter are better human beings, and have significantly improved young people’s perception towards minority groups.

Every time I read Harry Potter, I don’t only forget about my troubles for the moment but it also gives me strength to draw courage from the characters to deal with the troubles in my real life. Reading facts about Harry Potter’s world makes me feel better, happy, sad and a whole lot of emotions and I would continue reading the books and the facts as long as I can read because no, they are not just children’s books and every time I read them, I feel better, I feel the justice and the power of choice and the fact that no matter how difficult it is to stay on the right path at the moment, in the end it will always pay off.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling started writing this series while she was going through some tough times, the first book was rejected by 12 publishers before it was accepted by one and that one choice changed both the publishers’ and Rowling’s life, completely.