In my almost 22 years of life, I haven’t watched or read enough good work. In an attempt to watch fine movies, better work, I saw the movie “Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind”. The movies, as I had expected it to be, was different and deeper that most of the things I have ever seen or read. To be honest, the movie fucked up my mind for the whole weekend.

Joel and Clementine, are two individuals you expect to fall in love with each other, but not stay in love with each other, so eventually they fall apart because of their differences. Clementine, this extremely beautiful and spontaneous young woman who wouldn’t think twice about things, decides to go through this medical procedure which allows you to erase specific things or specific someone from your memory completely. Well even I wished that it were possible in real life but by the end of the movie, I was glad there isn’t such a procedure in real life.

As expected out of the procedure, Clem has no recollection or idea of Joel’s existence, Joel on the other hand is shocked and deeply hurt to see Clem act as completely stranger when they come across each other in some super market. While Joel is left hurt, Clementine is left with an unsettling feeling, something she isn’t able to recognize but should be able to.

Joel somehow finds through his friends the procedure his ex-girlfriend has gone through and in this momentarily rage decides to go through the same procedure to remove Clementine from her memory. It’s painful enough to see two people, who were in love and still are to remove each other from their memories, and then there is seeing Joel go through the procedure. It is while under going through the procedure when Joel goes through all his memories with Clem and realizes no matter what, he doesn’t want to get rid of them. He tries so hard but in vain.

This beautifully written movie then takes a turn, call it destiny or the fact that you past never leaves you, these two people, who have forgotten each other, meet again. Call it fate’s joke or a lucky co-incidence; they fall in love with each other again. It’s both painful and humorous to see people who once loved each other, fall again but with no memories, both which were to be treasured and the ones which were excruciating.

Towards the end, they find out about the procedure they underwent and are hurt, deeply and may be irrecoverably but this time, they stick together. By the end of the movie, all I wondered was, will I or someone I love ever go through this procedure.

The movie is mind numbingly beautifully written and directed and deserves all the awards it has received. Even more beautiful is Clementine, played by Kate Winslet. The moment you start seeing this movie, you forget that this women is Kate Winslet or she portrayed Rose in Titanic, all you know is Clementine, who is spontaneous, loves to experiment and changes her hair colour a lot. Kate’s ability to rock every colour and her beauty is truly mesmerizing. Her co-star, Jim Carrey, Joel, does equal justice to his character, confused, emotional and a deep thinker. The way he portrays Joel’s pain while undergoing the surgery feels so real, you forget this is fiction. It feels real making you wonder, if in some part of this whole wide universe, something like this has actually happened.

The beauty of some scenes isn’t just in the way the characters are but it’s accompanied by nature’s beauty, so beautiful captured, so serene and so simple. Its nature, its natural, something you possibly wouldn’t want to tamper with.