We have all had days, weeks, months or may be years when everything passes by , you are living, but it doesn’t feel like living. The mist somehow takes over and the ambiguity of your own thoughts gets too difficult to deal with.

Taking shelter to escapism seems the only possible way to stay a little sane. While many million moments pass away, anything to be sure that happens in these moments is guilt, attempts to take life on track, one step at a time, and failing after taking even ten huge steps, and falling back into the old circles. The maze seems too difficult to be handled and we wish that just like a video game we could adjust the difficult level.

We change patterns, become someone else, feeling disconnected, socially alienated, unable to keep up with friends and relations the same way we used to. While initially we think we are getting out of our comfort zone, but this new zone slowly makes us feel that we are losing touch with ourselves.

The thoughts run crazy and the dreams too, weird/scary dreams are now a part of the routine and everything just seems to overwhelming, and the wait is simply too much. What is the wait for remains a mystery and then the thought of looking for a solution is soon forgotten.

And in this puddle of unclear thoughts and your own identity feeling weird to yourself, everything you have ever wanted, you achieve some things and some things you don’t, but neither seems to have a significant impact on you. All you wish for is an exit, an exit from the mist you are in. While it is easier to believe that it will get away gradually by itself, this mist requires continuous high speed wind blowing, which will drive it away. No matter how many times the source of wind is hit by the obstacles hidden under the mist, the source has to go on, because the mist, its misleading and it cannot and should not win.