Please talk, speak it out, I beg of you. Whatever it is, however stupid you think it is, however foggy it seems, even if you don’t make sense to even yourself, say it. You don’t always have to make sense, you don’t always have to be ‘fine’. We live in a world where we’ve been taught to be ‘fine’, to be strong enough to deal with everything. The point we are missing here is that we’ve been asked to stay strong so that we don’t give up on life or lose hope on small things, we are not asked to feel ‘not fine’, we are asked to not give up, we are not asked to not speak or express. We humans fail to accept and express our emotions everyday. We think expressing you don’t feel fine when you look fine is a sign of ‘weakness’. But honey, your weakness is when you cannot accept that you are not fine, your weakness is that you don’t want to accept that you don’t feel good. When you have a cold or a head ache or you are physically hurt, you say it out loud. Our brain and heart is as much as a part of a our body, if not the most important parts of our body, as any other part. Why wouldn’t you say it?

I know fighting these social stigmas are not easy, and when dealing with normal things can feel over whelming, fighting such things or getting the strength to accepting things which are a big stigma in the society seems even more exhausting. 

Just talk, talk to anyone who is close to you, your parents, your friends, the person you are dating, anyone who feel comfortable opening up to. Just speak out how you are feeling, and I know that the thought that the other person will not understand is what keeps you from speaking, but that’s what you need to find out. They say that your worst critic is your own self, and I cannot agree more with this statement, especially when you feel confused or sad or exhausted with life. 

The people in your life are for a reason, you connect with these people. They will listen and some might not understand, may be 99 people won’t, but one will and that 1 person, my friend, is all you need. Because sometimes, the greatest worries in life seem small after you’ve expressed that to just one person. Take a chance, you owe it to yourself!