A few weekends ago I went for a trekking trip to Kothaligad, near Mumbai. For the night, we stopped at a very small village called Peth. The village was pretty underdeveloped, it didn’t even have washrooms and proper water supply. What surprised me was, there were no basic facilities, but a few villagers had TVs, cable connections, phones and everything.I wondered why would these people not move to the city or a better village, where there are more facilities, a better lifestyle and an easier life. Easier, but not necessarily happier. Initially when we reached this village, I realised how ‘blessed’ I was to live in a city and have all these facilities that I have. 

Later on, spending a few hours there, I realised, I find city better because that’s how I am accustomed to. I am not accustomed to seeing beautiful things when I wake up in the morning, I don’t wake up and admire the beauty of nature, cause the concrete jungle I live in, doesn’t has that beauty anymore. And that’s when I realised, its these people who are blessed, not with the beauty or the peace, but with the feeling of satisfaction and the ability to find happiness in little things of life.

And no I am not saying, I wish I could live there, because my way of having satisfaction is different and that is why these people would rather live in a village and be satisfied, than come in the city and lose it all.