Cats, I believe are more like an adult human. Moody, selective, suspicious and always in search of comfort. Dogs on the other hand are more like human infants. Happy, loving and trusting. And may be this is the reason, why people are either a cat person or a dog person, seldom both. Cats are comfortable in their own skin, they don’t demand love and affection, not that they don’t need it but they would seldom accept that they deserve that. They would sit where they find something comfortable, be close to people only when it wants to and scratch people away it doesn’t like. People who dislike cats, dislike them for the reason that cats are self centered, and you will observe that these people will also dislike cat ‘like’ people. 

I am not saying people who adore cats are self centered, but may be the cats are their muse because of the attitude they portray, selective, self-willed and self sufficient. Its highly possible that the old cat women, actually enjoy being alone, and all they need is a cat to show, that its absolutely normal to be highly selective, and scratchy as well.