After wasting two hours trying to untangle a chain, I realised all I was trying for two hours to escape. Escape from the task I was at, escape from the current state I was, from the fact that things will take time or may be something else. What untangling that chain meant was being able to get what I want right away and not wait for it. I now think that all of us are trying to get away in different manners. We do things to be away from reality for the moment. A dancer loses himself in his dance, a painter in his art, a writer in his story and a photographer in the pictures he’s taking, but ultimately all of us, all of the people in the world are looking for a get way. For some moments, for some minutes, for some hour.It now seems reasonable why over time, travel has become so necessary for people. It’s not easy, you have to leave home go to a different place, get exhausted, come back, but that’s what we are looking for, aren’t we?

For being able to get away and have the ability to come back any moment we want. May be life isn’t about anything but all these escapes. How you escape and still manage to come back to reality!