A few days ago I suddenly remembered how once in sixth grade we were asked to write an autobiography of a cycle. Funny na? I remembered how much my teacher and classmates like that simple story of a cycle. As funny as it might seem now, back then, when I was eleven, the fact that everyone really like what I have written made me happy for quite some time. Life and expectations were simpler back then, and so was writing. We simply wrote on we what were asked to. What we wrote was our choice, we didn’t worry about proving a point, or making no grammatical errors, or sounding mature while writing or even making sense. We just wrote what crossed our mind. Well, I tried recreating the autobiography and well this is how it went.

Hi, my name is Tutu, I belong to a little boy named George. I really like George, he takes good care of me. He painted me bright yellow and remembers to lock me while going home, he’s also careful that I don’t get hurt, he drives safely and doesn’t make me fell. He’s very unlike my previous owner. I had three previous owners. The owner before George, Alex, stole me from my second owner. My second owner forgot to lock me before going somewhere and Alex stole me. He didn’t take good care of me. He didn’t clean me, used me roughly and didn’t even bother to paint me, but he always remembered to lock me. He was the one who sold me to George’s Dad. I was sad that he gave me away but not anymore.

My second owner was a young boy, Jo. He painted me blue and never locked me up. He was careless and got me a lot of scratches. You can’t see them anymore but back then I didn’t really like them. Jo got me from a carpenter, who was my 1st owner.

My first owner Ray, got me from a store and used me to go to a lot of places. He kept all his tools on me and was very careful with me. He couldn’t lose me, I was his only possession. Even though he put a lot of stuff on me, I was happy with it. However, George also loves me very dearly and I am very happy with him.

I have recreated this write up after 10 years, I don’t remember the exact names, apart from Tutu and George. It’s changed and incomplete, probably not as good as it used to be. All I know is, it felt good.