I do not agree with the old saying that time heals everything. In fact time worsens a lot of things. What time heals is wounds but what it worsens is a disease.

A wound however deep would heal over time. There will be a scar, surely, but the size of the scar is dependent on the kind of wound that you received. However, if the wound just left on time, might bring in infection, this infection if unattended will lead to a disease. This disease will only worsen will time. It might be treatable, might be fatal. Who knows?

Allow me to take the life long example of a heart break. A heart break is a wound, it will get better with time. The scar will again be dependent on the depth of the heart break, but this heart break if left completely unattended will bring in an infection. You can name this infection whatever you want, shaken confidence, self doubt, sadness, trust issues or whatever, but this infection if not treated properly, will turn into a disease. This disease might live with you for the rest of your life, or might just get fine later. However, there is a way to avoid this disease, a disinfectant.

This disinfectant, in case of a heart break can be giving yourself time to grieve, a closure,or may be just a proper conversation with a friend, but a disinfectant has to be present. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

And I am not binding this wound and disinfectant concept to just heartbreak, it can be anything. You didn’t achieve a goal, you couldn’t win the competition you were in, the exam was a goof or may be you sucked in the interview for your dream job, or the career path isn’t going as it is supposed to go, be it any kind of wound, you need a disinfectant to take care of it.

The disinfectant could be simple venting out the frustration or something as healing as travel, the choice is yours, but be sure to get one. As they say, Prevention is better than cure.