Since the minute I saw all the ‘Happy Women’s day’ messages and wishes, I had this recurring though in my mind, do I actually need a DAY to be celebrated that I am a woman? Does this celebration actually makes me happy or makes me have the power? Or does any other day in the year make me feel less of a woman or do I have less of my own self?

I know for a fact that I am not the only woman out there who feels this? And I also know that there would be equally or even more number of males thinking that, we give them a day and celebrate womanhood and still they aren’t happy?

Well, yes we aren’t. All through the existence of the whole universe, women, in big or small numbers, have been fighting for equality. We aren’t asking you to worship us or even give us one ‘special day’, we are asking to let us be ourselves. Let us have our individuality and let us do what we want to.

Sure you might have a good intention at heart getting us flowers and gifts, or wishing us happy women’s day, but this doesn’t seem like a celebration to me, it seems more of a formality to me. We are looking for equality not for one day. I truly respect the women who began the fight for their right to vote back in 1909. The world has come a long way from that day, and so have we women. And so have you men. What makes is truly happy is the ability to do things that we want, to get up in the morning, do thing we want, make things happen and get closer to our dream. I don’t believe, I need a day to celebrate myself. I might not celebrate myself everyday, but I surely don’t need one specific day to be happy with who I am.

When I call myself a feminist, I hope for equality and not one specific day for celebration of womanhood. What I hope for is a world where the sentence, you cannot do it because you are a woman, or even the sentence you cannot do it because you are a man, doesn’t exist. I hope for a world where pink and blue just denote colours or moods and not gender. I hope for a day when someone is not judged where that person is a he or she. I hope for equality.

Happy Women’s day? Thanks, but no thanks.