Some books are simply better without a sequel, not because the writer cannot meet the expectations, but because the story has been written so well the first time and has been etched perfectly in the mind of the reader, that the continuation has way to many expectations and that every reader would have wanted a very different story after the end we have seen.

I believe that, ‘The Devil wears Prada’ is one such book, its sequel not only didn’t meet my expectations in the first place, but it didn’t give its protagonist, Andrea Sachs as much as power as she deserved.

The Devil wears Prada is a book which shows the story of a young woman who aims to be a journalist and moves to New York to fulfil her dream. She lands up a job, a thousand girls would kill for, but is this what she wants? NO. The writer, Lauren Weisberger, shows the real life scenario of the job life that one has to go through a lot to get the dream job. She gives us two different people to look up to but both of them are so different, that it’s confusing to choose one.

Even though Miranda Priestly, Andrea’s boss and New York’s top magazine Runway’s editor-in-chief, is a complete pain, but one cannot deny that this woman has power and she knows how to use it. The way she carries herself and doesn’t care about what people think or say, defines a lot about this woman. I am not saying she’s a good boss, but well she’s a badass and that’s what I find inspiring in her.

Andrea goes through a hell lot of things, loses her personal life and at the end of the day comes to senses on what she really wants. I cannot give away the end obviously, but well that end for me is pretty much satisfactory and that’s what made me really like this chic-flick.

The sequel to the book, Revenge wears Prada, starts at a good note with Andrea having all the power and having a happy life, however the end seems pretty disappointing to me. Not that I don’t like she finding the love of her life, but well she could have definitely fought back for what she rightly deserved.

Stating the obvious, Emily has been one disappointing character in the second part. All in all, I really enjoyed the first part, the second part not so much. Also, was the movie even close to what the book really was?