True Story: I bought these books from a book fair and had no idea that these books are actually erotic ones.Another truth, once I started reading it, I just wanted to know how the story of these two people, Christian Trevelyan Grey and Anastasia Rose Steele turns out. However no one would believe that’s the reason I read those 🙈

Yes, after reading the first part, it was obvious what the central theme of the book is, but the thin story that is there and the curiosity of knowing whether Ana could actually change Grey, took over and I read the whole trilogy.

Cannot deny the fact that EL James, surely knows how to keep the reader hooked. On further lines, do you think Christian Grey was insanely fucked up or just a sadist who did not want to mend his ways?

What I liked the most about the whole trilogy: The kind of power Christian Grey had and his insanely rich life style! There is something about the story that keeps you looking for further, may be because you want to see how Ana deals with all of this and how much can someone put up with things. Even though Christian doesn’t realises initially but he eventually falls in love with Ana, and that’s what brings about the change. Not sure if that ever works out in real life. Also, if you are like Christian Grey in real life, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t be termed hot, but a monster!

Also, I am not sure if want to read the fourth part!! Grey. The fourth part has been written according to Grey’s perspective while these three parts have been written about Anastasia’s persepective.