Art. I think art is more than just a word, sometimes it’s feeling and sometimes it’s the whole world in it. There’s no perfect definition of art, it’s more of what comes from within. There’s this feeling of settling or a dip I have when I hear the word art, may be because I have always felt that artists are the kind of people that have depth and that people without art, are not living it to the fullest. Don’t get me wrong, by art I just don’t mean the artsy stuff, I mean almost everything which makes you use your mind in a uniquely curious manner. For some investing is an art, for some photography is or for some even surgery is art.

It’s not the art that defines the artist, it’s the artist that defines art or may it’s the art that defines the person, but in one way or the other, art is subjective. It’s limitless. You cannot confine it with giving it dimensions of one kind of art. It’s a calling, you cannot limit it. You cannot strangle it in one arena.

It’s more than just a word or type, it’s a definition in itself. It’s ART. I don’t agree with the fact that you have to be in the profession of art to be an artist. It has something to do with the depth of the person and you cannot construct depth, you cannot become deeper by trying, you cannot become artsy by learning, you can get better at it by learning for sure, but there is something about the things that are churned from deep within, which cannot be compared, rest beaten. There’s something about it, don’t know what!