A lot of us have a habit of reading random things. These random things impact our perspective in both tiny and huge ways, whether we realize that or not is all together a different arena. I came across an article titled “Mahabharata is a story of flawed human beings” written by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik in the magazine Corporate Citizen. The title obviously caught me and I read the whole article. This piece tells you that Mahabharata was originally written in Sanskrit and was first translated by Americans and Europeans. The style of the story is not Indian, its Greek. So according to the Greek structure they created heroes, villains and victims. Whereas the Indian Structure only talks about human beings, flawed human beings.

The whole epic revolves around people who know little and who knows more, just as the world we live in. But there will always be a character who is identified as Bhagwan. Here, the person who knows the most, not all, Krishna is the God. This American and European structure changes the true essence of our scriptures. Both our scriptures are full of characters who listen and who don’t.

We want to be heroic, but Mahabharata is about Empathy. I have always wanted to read Mahabharata for different purposes, but now I want to read a story about the flawed human beings, whose story became an epic.

For those who might want to read the whole article, its in Corporate Citizen, January 16-31, 2017 issue. Vol 2, issue no. 21.