Some days it’s just plain hard to be normal. There’s no apparent reason that comes to your mind but it’s feels as if the weight of the world has been laid on your shoulders and all you want to do is, put it aside, go home and sleep for a while. But you don’t. You try convincing yourself to work, to complete the task at hand but everything seems so damn confusing, it’s the things that you do everyday, but some days you just cannot muster the strength to do it. You know going home wouldn’t help either because you’ll just be twitching on the bed wondering what is that in your mind that’s making you so uncomfortable! The time will pass by and you’ll realise it’s time to go home, you leave but there’s guilt of the incomplete work, the wasted hours, and there comes pouring a drop or two from you eyes, but frustratingly enough, you don’t know why..

These are the days when the only thing that seems to understand you is nature. You find a place to sit, look around, look at sky and somehow after a while, peace settles in. You don’t know how and when but the day doesn’t seem to be so difficult anymore, while going back home you promise yourself to be cheerful the next day, be productive and appreciate life. No kidding, you even manage to do that, just until it’s that the difficult day again. You look at the hues in the sky and the setting sun, you are at peace and your heart whispers, it’ll all be bright and shiny tomorrow. .