The movie Tamasha came out last year and received a lot of mixed reviews from people. Those who liked it claim that people who say the movie is no good, fail to understand the meaning of the movie. Well that happens with all the Imtiaz Ali movies which aren’t built around the normal society norms, take Rockstar, but there is a thing about people like Ali, they demand loyalty from the viewers, its only those viewers who are ready to immerse themselves in the story he builds who appreciate what he is trying to spin around.
I am writing this because a few days ago I read a post that says that everyone thinks the movie is about Ved, played by Ranbir Kapoor, but the movie is actually about Tara, Deepika Padukone. Though we don’t see much of Tara in the movie, she leaves an impact on our minds. She brings back the question we all wonder, the question about love, is it even real? Tara falls in love with someone, even though she’s not aware of this person’s real name. In the cliched manner, she falls in love in the way this guy, who she knows as ‘Don’, she fells for the way she feels. But doesn’t this same guy makes her feel awkward, uncomfortable and distant when she meet him again? What keeps her going?
In the movie we see that Ved goes on finding his true passion because he is intrigued by someone he dearly loves and that person says that she doesn’t feel the same around him. But, what bewilders me is that she comes back and asks to be with him? Why? Does she think that she can change him? If yes, well she was right, she could change him. But not in the manner she expected to. He deserts her, makes her beg her and then comes back out of the blue, all the way to Japan!
Yes we surely see the journey of his change and the way he gives all the credit to her, but does it really happen in real life?
Does this Tara exists in real life? I mean even if someone waits patiently to be with the her loved one, the one she is genuinely in love with, will she get her back? Is it not more practical and easy to just move on? But Tara is this patient woman who waits yet is moving ahead in her life, she is waiting but she is not stopping, she is moving forward. But my question here is, in the real life, how does Tara come to know that the guy she is waiting for is HER Ved. That this is the person who is going to be worth waiting for, that he will come back and does Ved in real life realizes that Tara came as that wind in his life that changed directions and made him the person he should be, the person he left behind. 
And the last question, if the real life Tara even waits, is she stupid or strong? More importantly, does Ved even exist, or is he just Tara’s imagination?