You remember your friend who you used to go to school when you were in kindergarten, you remember the boy/girl you had a crush on when you were six, you remember the teacher who helped you solve a math problem which you thought was too difficult for you. You even remember some story you read in the fifth grade. And while thinking of all of this, you are reminded of your best friend in the eight grade and how silly you used to be. Remember those castles you built every time you went to beach? You remember this one time when your mom got upset or when you fell down. Even when you talk something that was not pleasant you are reminded of everything else that came along. When you remember even the tiniest thing that happened in your life, how can you forget someone that brought on a whole hurricane in your life? How can you forget that one person who changed it in way, brought on a different shade of the bright colour that you are!

It’s stupid trying to forget people or memories that were very intense for you. You do not necessarily have to remember them everyday, but you cannot expect some magic to happen and the memories to wash away. Will they fade? Yes. Will they still hurt when you think of them years later? Yes, but in a soft soothing way, making you realize how you got over it and moved on! Remember the bruise/hurt you got as a child? You thought that the pain would never go again, but a few days later, it vanished and you climbed on your cycle and drove on, not scared of cycling anymore.