Happy New Year people!

As soon as we wish that or think of 1 January, there is this word that comes to our mind: Resolutions. We make them every year, some year a few and some year a lot of them. A few of them are followed and a lot of them just remain resolutions, which we never fulfil.

It’s that time again, its 1 January 2017, and a lot of us, in fact most of us are going to make a few or a lot of new resolutions. I think that everyone makes them; a lot of us would be saying that since I don’t work on them I will not be making any resolutions this year, but that’s a lie. We make resolutions, sometimes we just don’t tell them to anyone, sometimes we don’t even tell them to ourselves but in our minds we silently try working on them. I believe that every single day we silently make a resolution, and every single day we somehow miss on fulfilling some or the other, what’s fascinating is we do not stop making them and that is, in fact the best part.

Every single day when we wake up, we think of a lot of things that we need to do in the day and that’s the resolution for the day, the fact that a lot of things never get fulfilled never stops us. So why does not fulfilling a new year resolution have to disappoint us, why cannot we just renew it every time we think that we are missing out on something?

How many times have we thought that we will not let ourselves be vulnerable anymore, not do something which is toxic for us, not be with people who bring nothing but toxicity in our lives? No I don’t mean to talk bad about any single person, especially on the first day of the year, but I mean to talk about that one person that you are, that I am and that every single individual is. Over many years, I have made a lot of resolutions, I don’t remember how many of them got fulfilled and how many didn’t, but this year I am ready to make a few more.

First: I am not letting anyone or anything fuck my mind anymore.

And I am pretty sure if I am able to get this one done, I will be able to get done with all my other resolutions.

Second: Follow the first one, don’t be vulnerable and make yourself proud.

It’s time that every one of us starts living for ourselves, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to mean to others, that just means that of all the people we care about, we care about ourselves too. And even if that seems selfish at times, what’s the harm? I mean why does selfish has to be considered bad. All of us go through a lot in our lives and there’s nothing wrong in thinking about the one soul which resides in you and trying to make it happy.

So this year, I am turning selfish and even if that appears mean, I honestly don’t care. I am freeing my mind of all the notions I have been thought this whole while, I am renewing my mind and making my own notions this year!!

What are your resolutions?