Yesterday while sitting at my office, I had this sudden urge to read the book Alchemist by Paul Coelho. I have been suggested to read this book a lot of times, but I was always like I cannot read philosophy. I don’t know why the urge, but maybe my ‘destiny’ wanted me to read this. All those who have read this book would get the reference. I generally order books online, but I don’t know what came over, during my lunch break I went and bought this book, and started reading it during the breaks. I read like 90% of the book yesterday and finished rest of it today.
I have never had such ease following a philosophical story or a book which is related to finding your destiny. More often than not, I have also find a few books that what have content which is more than something I can digest. This book however surely deserves the appreciation it has received. You are not truly alive if you are not listening to your heart. It’s why you are always happy as a child because back then, the heart speaks to you and you listen to it. When you grow up, you start to weigh things and stop listening to your heart, and I don’t have to say this but you can never be as happy as you were a child. Like freely happy, without boundaries unless you listen to your heart.

There’s this thing I learnt from this book that, yes destiny is listen, everything is written, but you have to go to it. You were here with a purpose, fulfilling that or not is a personal choice. However, the ones who listen to their heart, know their purpose and these are the ones who don’t pursuit happiness, but are always in the shadow of happiness.

This was one perfect way to spend the last day of 2016, learning something which is going to make 2017 a lot more better. To all those who haven’t read it, read it.