This Christmas, I spent my day drawing, colouring and being with myself and well as you can say, I have never been good at drawing, in fact me and my best friend would trade work as kids, she would draw for me and I would complete her notes. I went to an Adventist school so we always had Christmas vacations, 10-15 long days and it the week before Christmas vacations begun would be so much fun. We would have to make Christmas cards, which as kids always involved drawing. I remember this one year when I drew Santa Claus, and that poor guy was so laughed at because it didn’t look like Santa at all! Nevertheless, I had to do it back then. This is year, I drew it voluntarily, I know it didn’t turn out any better, but well I had fun.

The Christmas Day was even better, my mother would hide gifts for me and my brother and we would wake up and go around looking for it in the whole house. I don’t remember much except for once that we found our presents hidden in my mother’s room. This year has brought on so much nostalgia!

What I realised this Christmas is that vacations and festivals are only festivals when you decide to be happy during them, other wise it just turns to be some another Sunday or just a day of work or school.

What’s weird is that as kids we are happy when we get gifts, as adults we are happier when we give someone gifts! I guess as you grow up, your definition of joy changes a big deal. Last year, group of my friends did secret santa and the week was so cute, we put so much effort in getting good gifts, and spent a whole day together.

This is probably the first vacation I am ever spending alone, but well I am happy I found a way to celebrate it, my way! Also, I am sure vacations are no vacations without your close ones around. Keep them happy and close! Merry Christmas!! 🎅🏻🎉⛄️🎁