I had heard so much about Pride and Prejudice that I had to read it. And ofcourse I should I have heard, it’s a classic after all. But to be very honest, in the first reading I thought why is it considered a classic? Haven’t we seen this in movies and serials now, the male falls in love, the female doesn’t, there’s a lot of drama and both of them end up falling in love and marrying each other! However, I had really liked the flow in which it was written and the way she described everything.

What I later realised was that this book was written in 18th century, a period when women weren’t even allowed to get their father’s property. I realised how strong minded Jane Austen was and how beautifully she had created, one of my favourite book characters now, Elizabeth Bennet. Even today, in the 21st century, there are few women as her, who know what she wants and isn’t afraid to go against the social norms. Her head strong nature and her way of being unapologetically herself makes her the perfect combination of what a women should be. She’s unconventional and she is proud of it. This book rightly proved for me that first impression is not the last impression and definitely not the most significant one.

The plot is so simple yet so interesting that you cannot put this book down before finishing it. I like how Mr. Darcy’s character has so many shades which is completely hidden under pride for the people around, it’s only later when you know him, you cannot help but fall in love with him.

Also, Elizabeth’s sister Lydia reminds me of how some girls lose their mind and self-respect when it comes to falling for a guy.

Jane Austen is one author who creates characters you can totally see around you in real life as well. I do want to read her others books as well, sense and sensibility and Emma hope to do that really soon.

Also, I saw the movie, pride and prejudice and I have to say I love how both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are portrayed! Poised and Unapologetically themselves.