This is such a touching tribute to a writer. So today is Louisa May Allcot’s 184th Birthday and google doodler draws this perfect doodle, depicting her book ‘Little Women’.

‘Little Women’ is a semi-autobiography of Louisa May Alcott and has been a children’s classics for almost a 150 years now. The book revolves around four little girls who live with their mother and their father is out serving the country. The four little girls, Jo, Amy, Beth and Meg, are so different from each other but the love and bond they share. Well, there is no define protagonist, but Jo steals the show with her thoughts, her forwardness and most importantly her strength. I find the little Beth the cutest. She knows how to take care of her family and people around her. The family doesn’t has a lot of money but what they have is each other’s love and support. The girls have to work and do crib about it sometimes but surely they know what truly matters. The story does get you a little worried and sad in the end, but all’s well that ends well.

However Laurie, the rich boy who is their neighbour, does show a different shade of life and also the fact that money doesn’t define being happy and that what makes a true gentleman is the way he treats others.

The story is a very easy read but is also very deep when you try understanding the aspects that Louisa has delicately covered. You cannot not love Jo. She is smart, confident and is completely herself. That’s the thing about a few classics which I personally love, the female protagonist is someone who is your goal to be like. They are so themselves and are not afraid of being themselves and do not apologise for things that they believe in and the way they do things.

I came across the name of this book while watching ‘FRIENDS’ and decided to read it. Well, I was completely amazed with how such a simple story of four young girls and their life could be so beautifully and well written. All the four girls are so different from each other and yet so lively and adorable. The way the books depicts the character’s appreciation towards life, shows the reader little ways in which they could appreciate life.

I haven’t read her book ‘Little Men’ as of yet and wish to do it sometime soon. It’s such a pity she died at 55, which I would call young for a brilliant mind as her. Happy Birthday Louisa May Alloct