Once the 11th month of the year begins, I start getting anxious about my birthday. This year, I was completely pissed off with it and decided not to stress about it. Did that happen? Haha, who am I kidding.

What happened is that this year I was totally confused between making my birthday a big deal and being a grown up. Didn’t have a way out, so found a mid-way. Made a big deal about what I would wear and do, didn’t make a big deal about gifts and who wished me and who didn’t!

Doesn’t seem very mature and wise, I know, but I would count it as personal growth.

One thing I surely made a big deal about was, what I am gifting myself. Over the past 21 years, I have never thought what I would give myself, but this year I was determined.

I have always wanted to have a personal project, and so that was it. There are only two things I don’t get bored with, reading and writing (reading and writing what I want to and not I am made to). So, here it is, anavidlearner.co.in

A personal blog where I am going to share all my thoughts about the books I have read, thoughts that just pop up into my head and also the nonsense that comes along.

Umm, so comments, opinions and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

PS: Be kind!