Have you listened to the Kala Chashma Song from the movie Baar Baar Dekho?

Lately whenever I listen to that song, I feel like in a line or two Katrina Kaif is actually taunting Ranbir Kapoor in the song.

Well, yes it is completely stupid and not at all true, but just hear it out why I built this connection.

The line: “Tujhe jese 36 firte hai, meri vargi or na hone ve. Tu munda bilkul desi hai, mein Katrina tu soni ve”

Well, I no way mean to say we can find anyone else like Ranbir Kapoor. I want to talk on the second line. Well ofcourse he is desi and you are videsi, but you might also call him desi.  I am not saying this is out dated but he is a mumma’s boy and love her deeply. Well, we all know sometimes it becomes a trouble for the girlfriend who doesn’t get along with his mom.

Also, mein Katrina tu soni ve, well obviously, after the hot flat stomach and abs, we have to say this new Katrina is way prettier than the old one.

One another line, “Mein fed up hogai aa mundya sunn sunn ke tere dukhde ve”

Well, may be she means Ranbir was too whiny because his acting career was going south like Sherman. Or less likely, may be he was whining over his ex, Deepika.

I by no way mean any disrespect to any of the actors. I am a fan of all the actors here and not a critic in any way.